Your Path to Simple Golf Performance.

PSG Circuit announcing our upcoming Seminar January 28, 2016 at Falcon's Fire Golf Club in Orlando, FL. Come Join Us.

Bonus - Each participant will receive a free one year membership to our new membership website in 2016.

PSG Circuit Seminar January 28, 2016

PSG Circuit

By combining the services of Plane Simple Golf and Dr. Maxwell Golf, we have defined a revolutionary program that will reinvent the way you play the game. Simple, quick golf game and body performance. Come Join Us and learn how to minimize your practice time and maximize your golf game. PSG Circuit Program is built from a neutral impact. The model is square face, straight thru path and level angle of approach. The swing created was to achieve this impact in the simplest form while also making it repeatable. Best of all a stress free body function movement.

So currently are you getting this out of your game?

Simple ball control and body performance for the best golf of your life.

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